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Minibus Hire Newcastle
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Minibus Hire Newcastle

Minibus Hire Newcastle presents as an innovative minibus hire firm providing vehicles with between 6 and 23 seats on hire. Equally, we offer leasing for minibuses with between 24-seater coaches and those with 59 seats. Our tour firm is customized to offer passengers with the comfort they need to attain great convenience while journeying. All of these gains come with appreciable value since we offer tour packages that account for your different special needs. Whether you require a minibus with driver or even without, ensure relying on us to satisfy your travelling needs. We avail a support team that is fully capable of attending to all your requirements.

Entities as well as individuals constituting this travel firm are your definitive assurance of spending captivating times while journeying. You can acquire the particular minibus kind of your desire and at favourable cost that factors in luxury and size considerations vital for enjoying your travelling experience. Our company has turned to be quite notable in Newcastle and within its surrounding area.

Our fleet of minibuses is made up of assorted vehicles. We feature versatile range of automobiles that make sure the clients we serve end up with the most desirable tour vehicle. All pass through routine performance checks to provide outstanding assurance levels for safety purposes.

We keep to a strict policy for hiring employees in order to guarantee offering the most admirable kind of support to our clients. Only the individuals most professional and dependable work with us, including driving the vehicles we present at your service. Have no fear to get lost during the stretch of your journey across different attraction spots, both on and off-road. The Newcastle minibus we give you consists of ultramodern GPS tracking mechanisms plus mapping accessories. In particular, these retain you within good reach of emergency response units if you need recovery immediately.

You can experience great satisfaction by utilizing our special services all across West Yorkshire together with various regions of Scotland. Different locations are accessible, such as Gateshead, Gosforth, Backworth, Newburn and Jarrow, among others. Do not hesitate making reservations with us as it will enable you attain convenient scheduling of your travel plans. Feel free exploring numerous hidden spots found in Newcastle and the surroundings as you engage us in your travel.

To make sure you do experience travelling in safe and sound manner, make use of our cheap minibus hire in Newcastle. The service we offer suits any type of travel, whether involving a small or large group. We have a diverse minibus fleet crafted to meet the unique needs of our customers. Take time and look through the vast array of classic automobiles we sport on our catalogue online.

Six-Seater Minibus Hire:

This type of service comprises our smallest Minibus Hire Newcastle offering and is suitable for people journeying as a small family, corporate gathering or general group. Expect to have luggage ferried safely via this selection.

Seven-Seater Minibus Hire:

Minibus Hire Newcastle is your ultimate partner for providing sufficient additional space for ferrying along baggage. Get to enjoy significant gains as you choose this vehicle, which is provided at friendly cost. It comes with seat included in order to provide comfort, making a total of seven seats.

Eight-Seater Minibus Hire:

There are several extra benefits present by settling on this Newcastle minibus, characteristic of both six as well as seven seat automobiles. You can sit back and expect to find comfortable sitting plus luggage allowance. Other standard interior inputs like air conditioning are available as well.

Twelve-Seater Minibus Hire:

If you plan to journey in a large group of passengers, plan to utilize this option. We offer rates which are competitive highly and it is advisable making bookings early in order to ensure securing the model you find to have greatest appeal.

Fourteen-Seater Minibus Hire:

Think of choosing this alternative if travelling in a group to different occasions such as weddings, conferences and team building activities. These minibuses feature spacious interior sections.

Sixteen-Seater Minibus Hire:

The 16-seater minibus offers good amount of space for your luggage along with customized accessories. Feel free booking this minibus that is able to also take good care of persons with special requirements.

The 23-Seater Minibus Lease:

Great fulfilment comes with getting this large-capacity vehicle. The extra room it comes with gives even greater comfort and space for your luggage. Ascertain making reservations in good time as it helps us serve you with excellence.

We have also done our best to present a Coach Hire Newcastle service that attends to all of your sensitive needs and that features diverse vehicles. As such, do not hesitate visiting our website and contacting us via the online support team available. From here, you can evaluate and select your most suitable tour package.

All of our minibuses and coaches are available to travel in and all around Newcastle and its adjoining environs like Bedlington, Washington and Pelton. Look forward to experiencing memorable times by journeying with us.

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Covered Nationwide
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Great Prices
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Modern Vehicles
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